A Knotty Tale!!

IMG_2504Got an opportunity to attend another wedding, this time a Chinese affair. The bride and the groom had been dating for 8 years and tied the knot in a traditional Chinese wedding. It started with a gift exchange ceremony between the bride and the groom where they were not allowed to see each other but exchange gifts through friends. This was followed by quick and fun door games where the groom had to perform some tasks before he could see the bride. He was challenged by the bridesmaid to get wishes for his wedding from a stranger in a card and while he did this, the best men had to do pushups. Then came the bridesmaid’s final and wicked plan, where the best men had to pass the hurdle of blind tasting.

Further on, there was the tea ceremony, in which the bride and the groom had to serve tea to relatives and they in turn presented them with gifts. Finally the bride changed into her wedding dress for the most awaited moment of her life. The wedding took place at the magnificent Casa Real vinery with the exchange of vows.