Oxfords: a wardrobe staple

Must Have


It’s winter time, so keep your feet warm and cozy with a nice pair of closed toe shoes; Time to give your peep toes a much needed break.

Oxfords are one such wardrobe staple which each should have. They act like a magic wand..;) They can make any casual outfit look chic and of-course compliment very well with formals. Oxfords have a classic timeless appeal and can never go out of style, so invest in a good pair which would last you for years.

Back To Basics!

Bag: Lauren by Ralph Lauren T-Shirt: Mango Jeans: Zara

Bag: Lauren by Ralph Lauren
T-Shirt: Mango
Jeans: Zara

I wouldn’t deny the fact that I love a colorful wardrobe but the things that I usually don’t bend towards are prints. My wardrobe mostly consists of clothes with clean, simple cuts in plain colors. If I am going with all basic colors, I usually add a pop of brightness through accessories (bags or footwear).

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the key lies in balance. If you can’t decide what to wear just put on a basic T-shirt, jeans and pair it with a nice bag, you can never go wrong with it.

Blast from the past

This is an old picture captured by a friend, yet one of my favorites till date as it perfectly captures who I am-carefree and comfortable in my own skin.

I simply love breaking rules and I hate following fashion trends. My wardrobe is full of color. When I choose clothes, I pick the 2 most contradicting items and then find a neutral element to bind them together. As in this case, I chose to wear a green jacket with hot pink pants to office. To avoid making it look hippie, I paired it with a white top, tan colored belt, sandals and bag. This outfit might have looked trashy had I added even one more color to it. The trick lies in balancing and being able to carry off almost anything with confidence…;)

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Interview Jitters

outfitSo this was my first interview since I moved to the US and of-course I was excited and perked up about it. The big questions that were looming over my head were not only  ‘the things that I’ll be asked’ but also ‘what am I going to wear that day’..:P

Being a designer, I wanted to stand out and show my personality while not coming across as too loud or vying for attention. So I decided to stay formal, experiment with colors and stay away from the drab. I was in LOVE with these green pants from H&M. I shared my outfit with a couple of friends from the change room and wanted their feedback but got mixed reviews which made me doubt my choice. Finally, I decided to go with my gut feeling, so I went ahead and bought the pants. I knew I had to tone down the color by pairing it with neutrals, so I wore it with a white jacket (H&M) over a white shirt (Mango). Finally a Tan colored bag from Zara and nude pumps completed my look.

On the day of the interview, I was a nervous wreck about the first impression that I would make. But the faith in my choice saved my day as the interviewer did notice my bold move and complemented me for my outfit..Wohooo !

Easy Breezy

IMG_1095 copy

Weather in California can be very unpredictable, specifically in the bay area. You have to dress smart and be prepared for sudden changes in the weather.

Even though the summers are here, the winds can be really chilly. So you should layer your clothes smartly. As Mark Twain once stated “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”.

Few weeks back we went to Napa valley for wine tasting, even though it was sunny, it was quite windy at the same time. I had been wanting to wear my breezy Forever 21 dress since quite sometime and didn’t want to hide it behind layers of clothing, so I decided to pair it up with my fuschia Zara pullover to add a punch a color to the outfit. I added a waist belt over it to tie the whole outfit together and give it structure.

My first online purchase.

My first online purchase.

Aren’t these HOT..?
I usually refrain from buying things online as I am very picky and choosy when it comes to shopping, but I just couldn’t stop myself from drooling over these so I went ahead and ordered this beautiful pair from ASOS. I heaved a sigh of relief when they fit me perfectly….:)