Homemade Whole-Wheat Bread


After gaining some confidence from my last baking experience, I decided to give it another try by baking a bread at home. Though it’s not that complicated, it requires insane amount of patience and precision to bake one. So for all those impatient people out there, just go to a store and buy a readymade one. TRUST ME. Usually, one can be creative with recipes, but as far as baking is concerned, it’s better to stick to the recipe for technique and limit your creativity only to minor flavor alterations.

I searched for a lot of recipes online, found this one to be relatively simple and gave it a try. I fell in love with it the moment it came out of the oven. The sheer pleasure one gets from the smell and the taste of  a freshly baked bread right out of the oven is indescribable. The result was pretty amazing and yet again I was proud of my first ever HOMEMADE bread..:)

For recipe, follow this link :



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