Interview Jitters

outfitSo this was my first interview since I moved to the US and of-course I was excited and perked up about it. The big questions that were looming over my head were not only  ‘the things that I’ll be asked’ but also ‘what am I going to wear that day’..:P

Being a designer, I wanted to stand out and show my personality while not coming across as too loud or vying for attention. So I decided to stay formal, experiment with colors and stay away from the drab. I was in LOVE with these green pants from H&M. I shared my outfit with a couple of friends from the change room and wanted their feedback but got mixed reviews which made me doubt my choice. Finally, I decided to go with my gut feeling, so I went ahead and bought the pants. I knew I had to tone down the color by pairing it with neutrals, so I wore it with a white jacket (H&M) over a white shirt (Mango). Finally a Tan colored bag from Zara and nude pumps completed my look.

On the day of the interview, I was a nervous wreck about the first impression that I would make. But the faith in my choice saved my day as the interviewer did notice my bold move and complemented me for my outfit..Wohooo !

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